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Ramco Migi-Kleen Ultrasonic Washer


Pre-Wash Second Wash and Ultrasonic Cleaning Clean Water Rinse Dryer


Every single part goes through this cleaning system twice.

When the part is removed after final machining, it is washed before de-burring and inspection. Then washed one more time after the de-burring so the surface is clean for the final finish.

Wash process:

The part is submerged and agitated in a cleaning solution.

While still submerged, the agitation stops and the ultrasonic cleaning begins.

When the ultrasonic cleaning stops, the part is agitated one last time in the same machine.

Then it travels to the next machine with the same type of solution for a cleaner rinse.

It then gets moved to the clean water machine where it is agitated and rinsed one last time.

Then makes it's last stop at the Hot Air Blow-Off Dryer.

When finished, the part is perfectly clean and dry.

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